Quality of Life…Insurance® is an exciting approach to life insurance that helps meet multiple needs with one policy.

Quality of Life…Insurance offers you financial protection against critical, chronic or terminal illnesses with a series of Accelerated Benefit Riders. These no-cost riders provide benefits in the event of a critical illness such as a heart attack, invasive cancer, a stroke or another covered illness.* You can accelerate some or all of your life insurance benefit before your death to help offset the financial strain associated with a serious illness.

A chronic illness or condition may require extensive care - and money. Imagine owning a life insurance policy that offers significant financial protection should you suffer a qualifying chronic condition and require money for assistance with daily living.
And if you should be diagnosed with a qualifying terminal illness or condition, Quality of Life…Insurance allows you to access the benefits of your life insurance policy before your death to help pay for whatever your needs might be.

Quality of Life…Insurance allows you to file a claim for an accelerated amount of your life insurance benefit and receive cash to help you deal with a qualifying critical, chronic or terminal illness or condition.*
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